CAT Products

Whether you have a little kitty cat or a senior citizen, Pets Paradise Fakenham has everything you and your cat could possibly need. We stock only the finest range of cat food and accessories on the market. With a massive range of complete wet and dried foods such as; Meowing heads, Applaws, Natures Menu, James Wellbeloved, Blink!, Big Paw Little Paw and more! From bags to pouches to cans, we have everything for your fluffy toe bean friend!


We promise you that your cat will never be bored! With the extensive range of toys and scratching posts in store, your cat’s playtime will never end. And it never hurts to have a treat every now and then does it? We have treats from all the top brands to make sure your little one enjoys a healthy, (and more importantly!) tasty snack time! 


To keep your cat looking like the Best in Show (That they know they are!), we have all the grooming tools you could need! From the amazing Furminators to Rosewood grooming kits. If your kitty cat ever under the weather, we have one of the best medicated brands in store to get them back to feeling tip top again! We also stock all your inbetween products such as cat carriers, bowls, cat flaps and beds!


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