Dog Products

Whether you are just starting out with your first puppy or are an experienced dog owner, we have everything for you and your new best friend. We only stock the most reputable brands of dry and wet dog food on the market such as Barking Heads, Natures Menu, Edgard and Cooper, Cooper and Co, Natures Deli, and Harringtons. We also offer Specialist brands for dogs that need a Grain free, Meat free or Protein reduced diet. 


We also have our Natural dog treat selection which includes items such as Pigs Ears, Deer Legs, Chicken Feet, Beef tendons, Hairy Rabbits Ears and many more! So your dog is always looking like a Crufts Winner. We have all the best grooming products including the Furminator and Rosewoods Grooming kits. We have a medication section in the shop for dogs to aid with any small ailments until your dog is back to their happy go lucky self. 


So your pooch never goes Barking mad we have an excellent range of high quality, squeaky, plush, rope, rubber and Natural toys in all shapes and sizes. We also have all the other things dog parents will need such as Crates, leads and harnesses, Car accessories, bowls, coats and beds!


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