Gerty Guinea Pig Tasty Nuggets 1.5kg


Gerty Guinea Pig Tasty Nuggets is a highly palatable food that prevents selective feeding. It has no added sugars and natural prebiotics to help maintain healthy weight and to support digestive wellbeing. High fibre helps promote healthy teeth and tummies and added linseed – a great source of Omega 3 & 6 – helps to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. It is fortified with stabilised Vitamin C and all the other vitamins & minerals they need to stay healthy.

Naturally tasty and healthy

The average adult guinea pig will require 40-50g/day of Gerty Guinea Pig Tasty Nuggets. Fresh vegetables should also be provided along with good quality hay and clean drinking water. Please store in a cool dry place.

  • Highly palatable extruded diet.
  • Prevents selective feeding.
  • No added sugars to help maintain healthy weight.
  • Stabilised Vitamin C to support the immune system and promote vitality.
  • High fibre to support healthy gut motility and help keep teeth in good shape.
  • Prebiotics to promote beneficial gut flora & support digestive wellbeing.
  • Linseed – a great source of Omega 3 –promotes healthy skin & shiny coat.
  • Fortified with all the vitamins & minerals they need to keep healthy.