Oluv Cat Litter


Natural product, happy, clean cat and a healthy home.

Safe, playful litter plays a positive role in a cat’s health.

OLUV is unscented, odour-eliminating and hypo-allergenic.

The mixed granular formula reduces tracking and is soft enough for even the most sensitive paws. 

Cat litter plays an important role in maintaining the health of your cat as well as the people in your household, and the buying decision for cat litter involves you all! Cats are very selective about the products they use, and they have a positive association with olives, that’s why cats really do love OLUV.

With changing lifestyles and environmental concerns, consumers are spending more on high-quality as well as environment-friendly/natural pet litter products.  Cat parents are ensuring the best suitable litter for their pets, which does not cause harm to nature once discarded.

OLUV is the first all-natural, sustainable cat litter made from cleaned, dried, smooth-milled olive stones. OLUV is a clumping, fragrance-free and odour-eliminating. cat litter.  OLUV performs best when you start with a nice, deep layer of at least 5cm.  The natural – not manufactured – wood-like fibres will gradually absorb liquids and eliminate odours.

OLUV is made from olive stones, nothing else is added, a by-product of the olive oil industry, stones are taken from olives harvested every year and do not necessitate any tree-cutting to obtain the fruit, and this annual process has remained relatively unchanged for hundreds of years.

OLUV works exclusively with key independent olive mills in rural economies across Spain and Portugal, together we have adapted existing processes to enable a perfect solution for cat litter. More abrasive, specially developed machines separate the pulp from the olive stones increasing the surface area – and hence absorbency of the product (OLUV), which is then dried, cleaned, and packed ready for the litter tray