Teabag Bedding


Supplier of 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, shredded tea bag paper bedding.

Using offcuts from tea bag production in the UK, untouched by tea and manufactured in to thin strips, it can be used as a versatile bedding or nesting for dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, birds and many small animals such as gerbils, rats, hamsters and ferrets.

It is especially popular with dog breeders as an alternative to newspaper or carpet due to the absorption properties as well as keeping the puppies clean, dry and cosy.

We offer a compressed bale (approx 10kg) which is great value for money and expands on average to over 500 litres

It is very cost effective as only the soiled area needs to be removed not the whole bed.

What are the benefits of tea bag bedding?

  • Non-staining and no odour
  • Untouched by tea leaves
  • Cost effective for consumer
  • Larger bales last for longer than smaller, Very absorbent
  • Warm, soft and cosy
  • Non-irritating and skin friendly
  • Consistent, high quality product
  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable
  • Regular supply
  • No dust for easier breathing environment
  • Regular supply of consistent quality
  • Safe lengths between 2″ and 6″

Short Shred – Now available in a more compact bad, short shred is a much smaller and compact version of the tradition product allowing more absorbance and not as easy to blow about. 

If you are looking for bulk or pallet loads, please email us directly.