We are an exotic specialist here at Pets Paradise! And will go above and beyond to make sure every reptile gets the best! We stock all the best known Reptiles Brands such as Exoterra, Arcadia, Habistat, Komodo, Hikari, ZooMed, Lucky Reptile, Repstyle and ProRep! 


We have a range of Heat and Light Accessories that will keep your reptile shining their brightest, including Ceramic heaters, daylight spots, basking bulbs, infrared spots, Coloured bulbs, Daytime/Nighttime bulbs, UVB tubes, UVB compact bulbs, heat mats, thermometers and Thermostats. We also stock all your basic requirements such as Vivariums/housing, Prepared food and decor! We also offer full set up kits to anyone wishing to get a reptile.


We also have fresh Livefood every day in store so your little buddy never goes hungry! Your lucky reptile can have a full course of Crickets, Locusts, Mealworms, Marioworms, Waxworms, Calciworms, Pachnoda Grubs and many more. We always have a full range of livefood in but can also order anything specific for customers on a regular basis. Please contact the shop for Live Food availability on the day.


We always have a range of Live reptiles in the store for people to come and see! From everybody’s favorites like Bearded dragons, Corn snakes, Crested Geckos and Leopard Geckos to your more advanced species like Water dragons and Giant Day Geckos, we have a reptile for everyone!


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