Have you heard the hype about Natural dog treats? In recent years people have been more conscious about what they’re feeding their dog and what really goes into the treats they are buying. People are starting to make the switch from processed treats to something more natural. This is mainly because people want to replicate what their dog would choose to eat in the wild. Dogs, afterall, are descended from wolves and still retain their wild instincts. Therefore as pet owners we need to respect this and help them exhibit their natural behaviours. Feral dogs will escort back to this in order to survive, as kibble food isn’t available in the wild!

There are many benefits to supplementing your dog’s diet with natural treats!

Improved Quality of Life & Longevity – The food you give your dog directly impacts many factors of their health. Food changes how your dog looks, how their body functions, recovery time from illness and behaviour. Feeding Natural treats keeps coats looking soft and shiny, while processed treats can give your dog’s coat a dull look and greasy texture. You may also find they are a lot more active, this is because natural treats are packed full of slow release energy to help keep your dog active and playful. Natural treats are also much lower in fat than processed treats, reducing the chance of obesity, which is a common pet problem, especially in the UK. Natural treats also support the immune system which can lead to a longer life expectancy.


Mentally stimulating – It’s important to keep your dog mentally stimulated. Naturally, in the wild your dog would always be doing something to keep themselves pre-occupied. Usually this is chewing, chewing is a natural behaviour in dogs and it helps them to keep busy but also to keep their teeth clean and help to relieve stress. Providing natural treats for your dog can keep them entertained for hours on end as well as keeping them from destructive chewing, such as destroying your kitchen table legs!


Effect on the digestive system and Nutritional content – Many dog treats are processed, which means that a lot of the nutritional benefit is removed from them and instead replaced with preservatives, additives and chemicals. All these can do more harm than good, this is because they are not naturally occurring and can irritate your dog’s digestive tract. This can include anything from upset stomach, diarrhea, undigested food and throwing up. However all natural treats are chemical additive free as well as being naturally preserved, such as ‘air dried’. This makes the treats nutritional value much higher and easier to digest, so the animal can obtain the most from it.


Dental Health – Your dog’s dental health is very important. By the age of 3, 8/10 dogs have gum disease. There are a few ways of keeping your dog’s teeth clean. Most people use ‘Dental chews’, however, these contain a high amount of sugar or artificial sweeteners which can actually make your dogs dental health worse (and also make them hyperactive).


Vets will recommend that you keep your dog’s teeth clean by brushing them with a toothbrush but this can be time consuming and unnatural for the dog (who may not appreciate it!) Natural Treats are the best way to go because your dog can clean his teeth himself as well as having nothing nasty in them that could damage your dog’s teeth.


Hormone Free and No allergic Triggers- Many commercial treats are made from cheap and low quality cuts of hormone and antibiotic bumped bits of meat. Hormones and antibiotics in processed meat can unfortunately build up immunity to antibiotics and also lead to hyperactivity in animals. Natural dog treats do not contain any of these. Moreover with Natural dog treats you are much less likely to trigger any allergic reactions. This is because they don’t contain any Soy, Wheat, grain or corn. An added bonus is that they contain much less fat, which means if you pooch is on a diet, it’s less likely you have to cut out their treats, and they still have something to chew on!


Here at the shop we have a decent range of natural treats that are forever growing. All our natural treats are suitable for dogs over 4 months of age (For dogs under four months we still have a limited range). Included in the range are the following; Pigs Ears, Chicken Feet, Mini Burgers, duck necks, Hairy Lambs Ears, Beef Tendons, Goat Feet, Rabbit Ears, Hot Dogs, Bully Chins, Bully Sticks, Pizzle Sticks, Lamb Stick, Cow Ears and Deer legs.