Here at Pets Paradise we love all Small Animals and aim to provide everything you need for your furry friend! Whether you have a Rabbit, Guinea pig, Hamster, Gerbil, Mouse, Chinchilla, ferret or Degu we have everything they could possibly need. Here at the shop we have a large range of complete diets including Science Selective, Tiny Friends and our own completely Natural range ‘Paradise Pastures’. Paradise Pastures also comes in a range of sizes and prices to suit any budget, we also use it for our own animals so customers can see the benefits of a Natural diet.


Of course to fulfill your pet’s most basic dietary needs, we have a wide range of Hay, Redigrass and Natural forage in the store to keep them munching for hours. With brands like Norfolk Pastures, Tiny Friends, Extra Select, PillowWad and Supreme. Our bedding comes in a range of different products such as Sawdust, Paper, Cardboard, Wooden pellets, Straw and our very own Tea Bag bedding! 


Your tiny friend also deserves a treat every now and again. With our Natural Treats such as Carrot Slices, Beetroot Flakes, Meadow Mix and wood chews. You’ll find something to keep them nibbling away! 


We also stock enclosures, Hutches and runs in all shapes and sizes and can also supply a set up for anyone wishing to purchase a Small Animal from us. 


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